Bulu was born in Maracaibo-Venezuela. His passion for percussion began at the age of 14, when he started playing congas with a Gaitas Band (Venezuelan folkloric music). Then he decided to study at the conservatory of the Symphonic Youth Orchestra of Venezuela (Orchestra Sinfonica Juvenil).

At the age of 16, he was already playing with a number one bands in Maracaibo like Guaco, La Combinacion and Carangano (where he shared the percussion responsibilities with Archie Pena). After all these experiences he decided to move on and he went to Caracas, to find bigger challenges. There he started his own Band La Crema and recorded an album which even got to be the number 2 in the top 50 in the Venezuelan radio. He was also Ricardo Montaner‘s percussion player for about four years. (a well known Venezuelan singer who could be found between the top artists in south, central, and North America for many years) At the same time he was part of a television program called Almorzando con Orlando where he was not only the percussion player but also the musical director.

In 1984 he started working as a musical director in the Tamanaco Hotel La Boite Hotel Tamanaco, he worked also with shows like Ballet Carmen Mota (Spain), Oba Oba (Brazil), Follies Follies (France), Simon Diaz (Venezuela), Los Hermanos del Rio (from The hit Macarena/Spain), etc.

In 1988 Bulu went to Aruba for some time to accompany the show ‘Oba Oba of Brazil’. He then decided to stay on and worked with the most popular bands on the island playing Popular Music, Salsa and Latin Jazz for around eight years.

In 1997 he went to New York to work as a sound engineer at a recording studio and worked with bands and musicians like Timbalaye, Jose Mangual Jr, Eddie Santiago, Song by Four, Papo Pepin, Milton Cardona, Yomo Toro, Leopoldo Pineda, Joe Torres, Robert Quintero, Robert Vilera, Marc Quiñones, Chicas del Can, Miosotis (ex-singer New York Band), Joe King, Cuco Valoy, Javier Vasquez y La Sonora Matancera, Fuerza Juvenil, Junior Gonzalez, etc

He has been living in The Nederlands since 2000 and has being participating in almost all the well known festivals in Europe with bands like: Gerardo Rosales (Trabucombo), Azucaribe, Curacao Jazz Project, Charanga La Crisis, Lucas van Merwijk (Cubop City Big Band), Gerald y La Ritmica, Eddie Martinez Big Band, Arturo Castillon, Franklin Caesar, Eddy Veldman en Opo-yeye, Arena Latin Gipsy Band, Jose Lopretti en Candombe Jazz, Nueva Manteca, FP La Banda, Rumbata Big Band, Desperados BFDM, Alberto Caicedo y su Orquesta, Marco Toro y su Ensamble, Neco Novellas, Conjunto Amsterdam, Van Merwijks Music Machine feat. Manou Gallo, Nando Vanin y su Orquesta, Adinda’s Clave y Tumbao, Los Misticos, Metropole Orchestra, Herman Olivera, Jimmy Bosch, Frankie Vazquez, La India from NY, Maelo Ruiz and many others….

Currently playing as an independent musician with:

  • Van Merwijks Music Machine & Manou Gallo
  • Los Misticos
  • Adinda’s Clave y Tumbao
  • Conjunto Amsterdam
  • Desperados BFDM
  • Sonando
  • Cheverón
  • Clave Sonera
  • Alberto Caicedo y su Orquesta
  • Marco Toro y su Ensamble
  • Nando Vanin y su Orquesta
  • Neco Novellas
  • Descarga Amsterdam
  • Cubop City Big Band
  • Pedro and his Cuban Experience
  • Accion con Clave
  • Trabuco Guarimba
  • Zambo Jazz
  • Gunther Brück ‘Entre Amigos’
  • The Soul of Spanish Harlem (van Merwijks Music Machine)
    feat: Shirma Rousse, Gianna Tam and Lilian Viera
  • Latin Devils
    feat: Gianna Tam, Nando Vanin and Ramon Mendeville
  • and many others……